Thank you, Daddy for this day. Open our hearts to your newness and let our hearts be receptive to all you show us and ask us to do for your glory. Amen.

The focus scripture, John 8:38 is a well known one. It’s quoted many times to address the freedom that we have as we received it thru the Son.  Who the son sets free, is free  indeed.

The truth is, many of us don’t fully understand exactly what this freedom does and we sit and listen to what man says our human state is capable of doing.

The freedom we have is a gift given by grace. This grace is able to teach us to deny the lust of the flesh and help us to walk in the Spirit.  We are not just free from our past sinful lives, we have been set free from living future sinful lives.  That’s why the world hates us as well. We are no longer doing what they do or living how they live. As a result, we indirectly show them that their lives are sinful. Regardless of how they feel about us, and what they do to us, we are still free

➡We are free to love them even though they hate us
➡We are free to bless them when they curse us
➡We are free to forgive them when they hurt us
➡We are free to help them right after they misused us

➡We are free to see sin and leave it alone as God said that with every temptation, he has given us a way to escape it (James 1)

I hear the following statement at least every month…..”we are humans and we sin everyday, we sin without knowing”.  And I believed it

However, the Word says who the Son sets free is truly free.  God commanded us to be holy like he is and to be perfect. If that were impossible to attain, he would not have commanded that we be holy and perfect.  Therefore, we limit God’s transformational move in our lives because when we look at our flesh and how it operates, we forget totally that it’s not by might, nor by power but by the Spirit of God.

We have been made free. Our tongues are no longer slaves to lies and our hands are not our accomplices to stealing. We are free. Us committing a sin here and a sin there is either by our choice or our ignorance (lack of knowledge) of the Word. If we know what God wants and expects, we won’t be committing a sin without realizing it.

Consequently, our freedom is limited by us. We say we are humans so we’ll sin, we say we have no control over our thoughts because even there we sin so each day we should repent. Really? Is that freedom?

Thy words have I hid in my heart so that I may not sin against thee. Psalm 19:14

It makes no use we say we’re different from the world if our minds reject the truth of God.  This freedom is a spiritual one.  This freedom was not made by flesh nor was it given through the flesh.  This freedom is spiritual.  Therefore, let us stop basing our ability to walk in freedom within our fleshly limitations.

We the son sets free, is free indeed. John 8:38


Lord, thank you for your words and thank you for freeing us from living a life which condemned us to hell. Help us to live and walk in the spirit (freedom). Amen.